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All of us can relate to sitting through a boring, long day of video training.  Those mind-numbing videos that teach you how to use a cash register, or what type of close-toed shoes you need when working.  Not to mention the almost laughable scenarios that seem so far from life-like when actors try to portray “real-life” situations you may face at work. One of the things LEC Media prides themselves on is the ability to make training videos a lot more bearable.

Training video production is one of the ways LEC Media works to inform, entertain and motivate. Training videos are a great way to replicate identical training sessions for many groups of employees over time to ensure all employees receive valuable company information in the same format. Employees are more likely to remember the information easily because of the combination of visual and audible elements. It becomes much more simple to demonstrate abstract or complex ideas by capturing real-life execution of the task in combination with animations or diagrams.

These videos work especially well for training large groups of people at once. Instead of explaining a set of instructions or teaching them individually, a training video enables everyone to learn at once. These training videos can also be a valuable discussion tool to assess different acceptable ways to provide customer service and to review important company policies.

When safety is a large component of your business, a training video production can be vital to your business processes.  We want to work with you to be sure your employees are well informed and prepared to work safely and be as efficient as possible.


Our training videos cover:

  • Product & Service Training
  • HR Training
  • OSHA & Workplace Safety Training
  • Process & Procedure Training
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Motivation & Performance Improvement