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Potential customers scurry from station to station looking for something to reach out and grab their attention. It is loud and crowded on the trade show floor. Your business has a limited amount of time to be noticed. Trade show video production is by far the best way to do that. As potential clients are inundated with messages from your competitors, your video will separate you from the pack and make a super first impression.

Considering that an average of 4 out of 5 trade show attendees have buying power within their company, a trade show is the perfect opportunity to build brand awareness and create a lasting impression. Trade show videos are typically short in length and rely heavily upon bold graphics to convey your brand message due to the noise level and commotion of the event.

Ideally, this video can be repurposed after trade show season by posting these videos on social media channels.  Since your video is also competing for attention in our noisy, constantly connected world, the attributes of this type of video can be very effective on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  A strong trade show video production will rely more on bold images and graphics than on dialogue and narrative.  The fact that the video can play without sound and convey your brand message is what makes it a perfect tool for social media channels long after your event has passed.

Have a new product or service? 92% of trade show attendees are there to see new products. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight new features and benefits and generate buzz around your products and company.  LEC Media specializes in trade show video production that is bold, graphic, and clearly conveys your product information.