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3 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Brand Storytelling

June 17th, 2015

What child of the 80’s didn’t love MacGyver? With little more than a paper clip, some chewing gum, and a wristwatch, that guy could make just about anything.  Plus he had…


The Power of YouTube: Emotional Connection With Your Audience

April 24th, 2015

This week YouTube celebrates its 10 year anniversary. í‚ We don’t know about you, but it is hard to believe YouTube is onlyí‚ a decade old. Somehow it just feels like one…


Taking Your Brand Message to a Whole New Level

April 16th, 2015

One of your company’s greatest assets is your brand.  It’s the calling card that you put out into the marketplace that states, “This is who we are, this is what…

Charlotte Corporate Video Production Should Engage Customers with Superb Content

December 22nd, 2011

The days of just “shooting a video” are over.  There is little to no return from just shooting a video and posting it up on YouTube.  Website visitors to your…

Corporate Video Production in Charlotte Surged in 2011

December 8th, 2011

It’s amazing how quickly time passes each year.  And it’s always about this time of the year when we review what the “large” events were during the course of the…