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February 3 |


Frank Schwartz began his career in video almost by accident.  After finishing his undergraduate degree from Radford University with a major in Psychology, he began working in the campus Radio and T.V. department to help pay his way through Graduate School.  He became interested in the true human connection that video creates and the way people emotionally connect through the medium.  This emotional connection translates to business also, and creating this with their customers is integral to the buying process. LEC Media was created with this connection in mind.

Frank describes himself as a problem solver, counselor and motivator whose goal is to understand his clients’ needs and develop a solution, through video, to meet their needs. Frank certainly has a deep and vibrant background in producing engaging B2B and B2C videos. But, above all else, clients connect with Frank’s passion, energy and keen ability to elicit the heart of the story from them. He firmly believes that everyone is in the people business, regardless of business type. His psychology background proves useful in uncovering the human element from clients to help them build that critical connection with their customers.

His role with his employees is to serve as an unwavering motivator. He believes in a collaborative and flexible company culture at LEC. This culture fosters productive, happy and engaged employees, all of which leads to satisfied clients and top-notch videos.