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February 3 |


From small budget indie films, national television shows and high-end corporate videos to professional sporting events and documentaries, Corey has edited, shot, produced and/or directed every type of visual media. His exposure to all types of video production is priceless as it gives him deep knowledge of the process, cost, capabilities and limitations when creating a video.

At LEC, Corey serves at the vice president of operations, ensuring every video project that comes through the door is delivered seamlessly, on time, and on budget. With Corey at the helm, you will be fully aware of tasks, responsibilities and the timeline for both you and the LEC team. And, given Corey’s background, he’s not just an intermediary between you and the film crew. He is able to answer all of your questions immediately without having to relay them to another team member and then back to you. This allows the process to be expeditious and error-free.

With Corey, you’ll get a task master, but also a personable professional with whom it’s enjoyable to work. He’s experienced at understanding and anticipating the needs of clients and is eager to exceed your expectations. He’s extremely patient, and skilled at explaining every part of the process in a clear and straightforward manner. What does that mean to you? Superior client service and a stress- and worry-free process with clear expectations throughout. The result? A solid end product to help your business.