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In Portfolio Categories: Video Production.

Chiron is a $20 million company. They specialize in Vertical CNC Machinery- that is to say they build machines that do millwork for highly specialized medical, aerospace, and automotive consumer products. They came to us because they needed a strong sales tool for their wheel manufacturing machine.

It needed to be an impactful video that told a compelling story to the folks that will eventually buy this machinery. Since the machine takes up an entire room it is obviously not portable, but they needed to show potential buyers what the machine does, almost in a “How It’s Made” fashion. LEC Media delivered a high impact, compelling video that has increased face to face sales with customers.

The video has showcased Chiron’s engineering system, which has helped with overall production and increased profits. Originally this video was not intended to increase sales directly, but it has been used in several sales calls situations and impressed customers across the board.