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LEC Media specializes in marketing video production in the greater Charlotte, NC area. A sales / marketing video is created for the purpose of making a customer feel comfortable about purchasing your product or service.

Marketing videos are also a great use of your marketing budget dollars because they can be used in so many places and repurposed for many different mediums. A marketing video can live on a website home page, be sent directly to potential consumers through an email marketing campaign, as well as posted on social media channels.

As Charlotte’s most skilled marketing video production company, LEC Media highlights your product or service and its benefits all while connecting your potential customers to your business.

Marketing videos provide businesses and organizations with the opportunity to explain what makes them different. Why should a customer buy from you as opposed to someone else? A well-produced marketing video will connect an organization to the customer through their ideals and beliefs.

While interviews of team members and management are always a good component of a marketing video production, we also encourage creativity.  We love to capture the atmosphere of your workplace.  A marketing video is also a great opportunity to quickly illustrate how your product works.  Additionally, the use of graphics and a voice over can perfectly highlight the benefits of your brand over other competitors.