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September 2 | In Categories: Marketing Video Production., In Tags: charlotte video marketing, charlotte video seo, charlotte video social media, and video marketing.


Social Live streaming is still in its infancy, with the launch of both Meerkat and Periscope in March of this year, and yet already more and more social live streaming platforms are popping up everywhere.  Recently we stumbled across a platform called Blab….

Blab Screenshot

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Just when we were trying to wrap our heads around Periscoping, now we’ve encountered Blabbing (is that what it’s called? That sounds like something negative…)

Blab is basically combining the best of several social platforms- Twitter, Google Hangouts, and Periscope to create a more interactive conversation online.  There are four “hot seats” that allow viewers to jump in and add their two cents.  Conversations are grouped around a certain hashtag. There is already the ability to record Blab conversations up to 6 hours in length or broadcast solely live. Blab also has its own form of the “Like” button.  Two little “Feels” hands in the bottom corner for when you are really “feeling” what the speaker is saying. Because Blab is still in Beta mode it is literally morphing overnight, so it’s kind of interesting to see what changes are being made to the social live streaming app based on user feedback.

As with every new social media platform, we are asking the question “Is this relevant?”  and particularly, “Is this relevant to marketing?” How will this new form of communication take conversation, and more importantly to us, video marketing to a new level?  We find it interesting that more and more these online conversations are bringing us closer together through the use of live video streaming.  We want to see faces.  We want to read body language. Human beings find connection in face to face dialogue.

We also think it underscores our core belief in video marketing.  Video creates understanding. There’s great potential here for all kinds of communication, but here are a few of our favorite applications:

  • Customer Q&A – let customers jump into the hot seat so you can actually talk to them rather than answer text questions. Putting a human face behind your brand and allowing other customers to see your great customer service can be an excellent way to build trust.
  • Interviews –  This can be an interesting way to see which candidates are going to put themselves forward to answer questions. You can have lots of people interacting without having them all on screen at once.
  • Interactive Webinars – Add another level of interaction to your Webinars. Allowing for real time questions and conversations to sprout from your Webinar can be interesting and informative for all parties involved.

We are excited with all of these new developments in social live streaming.  Will you be using any of these platforms?  Do you need help crafting your brand message?  Would you like to know more about how video can help create understanding?  We can help!