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March 26 | In Categories: Marketing Video Production.

Who can eat just one?

Who can eat just one?

A marketing video is an easily digestible way to convey your brand message in a short amount of time. Consider it to be snack-sized: short, sweet, to the point. Just like snack sizes they also leave you wanting more. Here are our 4 best practices to create a successful marketing video.

1. Define Your Audience

You may need to create several versions of your marketing videos to address the specific needs of all your different sales segments. Consider the tone and message for not just your existing clients, but also people who may be familiar with your services but not yet a customer, as well as people who are unfamiliar with what you do. Tailoring your message to each of these segments could just mean altering a few lines in your script, but this small change will help clarify your business to all potential audiences.

2. Get to the Point Already!

The first 5 seconds of your video need to provide all the information viewers need to know about your company. Where, when, how much…the whole enchilada. Once you’ve hit all your main talking points within that 5 second timeframe, you can use remaining time to fill in the details and give further description. Remember that a marketing video should only be about 2 minutes in length. The key is to leave people wanting more, not clicking away from your video mid message.

3. Offer Value

Whether it’s a quick tip, or a resource, your video needs to provide the viewer with some value. Two great ways to do this are to offer both frequently asked questions, as well as “Should Ask” questions. Record the answers to questions people have the most regarding your product or business. Then answer the questions customers should be asking but aren’t. This is valuable information that your audience can take away from your video and hopefully encourage them to ask more questions in a dialogue with you or make them willing to convert quicker since you have addressed their concerns quickly.

4. Include a Call to Action

If you want a client to call you or visit your site, you need to ask them. Suggest that they sign up to receive your emails or share your video. If you have provided good information in a succinct way, this last step should be a logical and easy one for your viewers to take.