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When you go above and beyond for your customer, they can be your biggest advocate. Client testimonial videos are an effective way of telling your story from their point of view. Actual user experience of your product or service is sometimes just the vote of confidence other consumers need in order to make the decision to use your company over your competitors.

Client testimonial videos have the highest effectiveness rating of all content videos at 89%. Potential customers are given the opportunity to see the results of your work for a real-life client. Testimonial video production from LEC Media captures the gratitude of the client your business has helped. Showing potential customers what you’re capable of by way of a first hand account is a great way to win their business. Testimonial video production is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for establishing undeniable credibility and trust.

A client testimonial video is more than a camera pointing at a talking person, it takes careful technique and skilled editing to avoid a cheap infomercial appearance. LEC Media takes the time to use proper lighting and backdrops that are inviting for viewers.  We ask questions of your clients that create a comfortable dialogue that lends authenticity to your client testimonial videos.

 By using several different cameras on the day of shooting, we can get different angles of your client, as well as sufficient “b-roll” footage that will showcase your product, facility, staff, and overview of the services you provide.  When edited together with your client’s words, this creates a compelling affirmation of your skills and abilities for new consumers.