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December 7 | In Categories: Charlotte Video Training Production., In Tags: charlotte employee video training, charlotte video training production, and employee training with video.

We produce a large number of training videos for all types of companies on all types of different products, services and processes.  “Writing and producing a training video can help greatly increase the mental absorption rate of material that needs to be presented for job training and increased performances,” says Frank Schwartz with LEC Media.  “One of the best value propositions with producing training videos is that the message remains consistent time after time and viewing after viewing.”

For this particular training video project, LEC Media was retained by a Charlotte financial institution to produce a video for their home loan associates to learn how to be better sales resources in the field with Realtors and other real estate professionals.

“Producing a training video on location is beneficial to the actual content inside the video itself,” says Schwartz.  “We have produced many training videos for this particular financial client and we have access to internal office spaces and rooms that will be familiar with the viewers of the video.”

Top Training Video Topics

  1. Service and sales training
  2. Procedures
  3. Manufacturing processes
  4. Safety and OSHA
  5. Corporate overview and messaging

“We help our clients improve efficiency and resource management through our training video production,” says Schwartz.  “And every company can benefit from producing a vault of professional training videos.”

To learn more about how training video production can help your company, please call Frank Schwartz with LEC Media in Charlotte at 704-966-9474 or email