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Everyone knows that video is the best way to market to your customers, right? Did you also know that it’s just as important, if not more, to use video to effectively communicate with your employees? That’s right. We’re talking about your internal video communication strategy and why your company needs one.

Here at LEC, we know that maintaining trust in your top leaders is essential to improving your employee’s engagement. We also know that it’s hard to develop an authentic relationship between upper management and employees.

Here’s the good news: Internal video is the best way to bring teams together and boost productivity. We also believe that using video for your internal communication strategy will benefit your business by improving culture, and even giving employees that unique face-to-face opportunity that strengthens your authenticity.


I’m glad you asked. Non-verbal communication makes up about 90% of our daily communication. That’s why the importance of face-to-face communication cannot be overlooked. What’s typically lost in emails is gained in video – things like facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, posture, etc. All those things are essential in creating those authentic relationships that you strive for.

Using video for your internal communication strategy helps bring to life those boring emails or lengthy presentations. If you can deliver the message in an entertaining way, your employees will be more than just informed. They’ll be engaged.

Here are five different ways you should be using video in your internal communication strategy:

1. Welcoming New Members to the Team

The hardest part about starting a new job is trying to acclimate to the company’s culture and values. With video, you can quickly and effectively welcome new staff to your team while simultaneously putting a face and voice to the senior management team. In these videos, you can give an introduction on what your company is all about, while also sharing tidbits on culture and values. You can even add in a bit about health and safety. These types of videos will make the transition for everyone a lot smoother.

2. Sharing New Systems and Processes

Change is hard. What’s even harder is trying to communicate change to your entire team. By using video, you can effectively introduce any new systems and processes to your business without the confusing misunderstandings that happen with emails or newsletters. Or what about training your employees? Video is highly visual, and many people learn best with visual training. In addition, the visual nature of video is more engaging than other formats.

3. Making Announcements or Sharing News

Do you have a huge announcement you need to make, or do you want to share some of the businesses successes over the last quarter? With video, your employees will be able to visually connect with what you have to say, no more scanning and looking past important emails. Statistics also say that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster that text.

4. Inspire Your Employees

While all of the other reasons to use internal video listed above are important, it’s also important to get your employees pumped up about what they do. Inspirational videos can be anything from a yearly overview video to a video predicting the future of the business. These videos are simply there to celebrate all that your company has achieved. When you show your employees that you’re excited about the business, they’ll get excited too.

5. Livestream Your Events

Live-streaming your events takes location out of the equation. If you have remote employees, what better way to keep them engaged than to allow them to view the events through a livestream. They also generate a larger audience and gives your content urgency. Live streams are one of the best ways to boost interaction through you and your potential clients, and if your content is good, you might be given the opportunity to engage with prospective clients who may not have contacted you beforehand.

The five ways to use internal video listed above barely scratches the surface.

Here at LEC, we know that finding the time and resources to create all the videos you want is tough. It’s even harder to find qualified people within your business who know anything about how to make a video.

That’s why we want to help! We want to help you develop an internal communication strategy that works for you and your employees. We don’t want to just sell you a video. We want to make sure that your company is communicating as effectively as they possibly can. Because let’s face it…if your company isn’t communicating effectively internally, how can they communicate effectively to your clients?

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