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August 17 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte Video Marketing, Charlotte Video Production, Marketing Video Production, Smartphone Video Production, and Video SEO., In Tags: charlotte video marketing, Charlotte Video Production, and charlotte video search engine optimization.

Charlotte video marketing and video search engine optimization from LEC Media.Google, Yahoo and Bing are embracing video as an engagement item in their sophisticated algorithms used to deliver highly-relative search results.  What does this mean for you and your business website?  Engagement items like video and mp3 files catch a website visitor’s attention and help engage them into your site.

The search engines include video as one of approximately 200 items figured into their search algorithms.  In a nutshell, it means that video is increasing in importance with relationship to organic search engine rankings.

Youtube is the #2 largest search engine in the world, right behind Google (Google owns Charlotte video marketing and video production services for business from LEC Media.Youtube!).  Video on the Internet is wildly popular and so easy to capture and post.  There are video cameras and smart phones that do it all for you!

LEC Media is in the video production and video marketing industry.  So, yes, we are excited about hearing the rising importance of video as an engagement item in website marketing.  We hear other research and marketing forecasts that video will play the single differentiating role in customers selecting one company over another to do business with.

It could all come down to how professional and targeted your Internet marketing videos are and how they engage your audience on your business website.  LEC Media will be here when you’re ready to embrace video marketing in your overall customer growth program.

For a private business meeting to learn about how video production can help your business and business message reach more customers, call Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email  We look forward to helping your business create custom “engagement items” for Google to find and help you rank higher!