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October 27 | In Categories: Charlotte Client Testimonial Videos, Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte Employee Video Training, Charlotte Trade Show Video Production, and Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: charlotte corporate video production, Charlotte Video Production, recruitment video production, trade show video production, and training video production.

Top 5 Ways Corporate Video Production in Charlotte works with LEC Media.LEC Media wants our corporate video production clients here in Charlotte to be at the forefront of using video as a key marketing tool to help grow your business.  In 2011, video production has surged in popularity for helping businesses of all types create new customer relationships and convert more new business on your website.

Top 5 Ways to Use Video Production
in Charlotte

1.  Customer Testimonials.  Video captures your customers and their praises of your company better than any other medium.  Video customer testimonials work.

2.  Product/Service Demonstrations.  Video captures the action, audio, animation, and results better than any other medium.  Show customers how your product or service can benefit them on the web or at trade shows.  They will watch.

3.  Company Overview.  We’ve all seen the corporate “talking head” video.  LEC MediaCharlotte employee video training production with LEC Media. can take you past that point and create company overview videos that are engaging, fresh, creative, and motivating.  We introduce animations, music, graphics and other features to give viewers increased reasons to watch and react.

4.  Training.  This is the most under-used video.  If you have HR or internal processes that you need multiple people to absorb, video training is the best and most consistent plan offered.  Not to mention that training video can easily be broadcast to multiple locations.

5.  Recruitment.  Video really does capture the true essence of your company and culture.  Plus it is controlled…you present the candidates only what you want to present.  Recruitment video from LEC Media is exciting, engaging, and creative.

Call Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-774-5007 or email to learn more about how video production in Charlotte can help your business grow new customers and earn new business!