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April 9 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte Video Marketing, and Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: charlotte corporate video production, Charlotte video content marketing, charlotte vseo, and Video Search Engine Optimization.

Charlotte video production and video search engine optimization with LEC Media.One of the top questions we receive at LEC Media from our video production clients and prospects is “how do I get my videos to rank on Google and should I post them on YouTube as well?”  We have the answers.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly evolving their search algorithms to target and deliver the freshest, most-relevant search results to each user.  Google has made some dramatic leaps forward over the past year with major adjustments in their search algorithm designed to “negate” non-relevant websites from spammed techniques to rank them higher.  And video is one of the elements that Google is now including in organic search results, not just because Google owns YouTube!

At LEC Media, we handle each video as an independent case when it comes to preparing the video for search engine optimization, or VSEO, video search engine optimization.  This is because each video has a different topic, subject matter and set of target keywords and keyword phrases for which it is intended to rank.

LEC Media Techniques to Videos Displaying in Search Engine Results

1.  We place video content on similarly-key-worded pages.  In other words, we would place a video about Widget Software on the Widget Software page in your website.

2.  Video content is really good for showcasing company product and service elements like “how to videos,” “product demonstrations,” “service explanations,” and even “customer training or tutorials.”  So we use these keyword phrases in tagging and categorizing your video content.

3.  We spread your video content throughout your website.  Ideally, only one video per page.  This gives your video content more opportunities to target customers using different keyword phrases and tags.Charlotte video search engine production company LEC Media.

4.  LEC Media hosts your video with video hosting services that enable your video content to be properly indexed and “read” by the search engines.  These video content hosting services include platforms like Wistia, Vimeo, Brightcove and JW Player.  We also post it on YouTube for the masses to enjoy.  We also will optimize your YouTube channel for the correct terms and keyword phrases surrounding the video content.

5.  We create and submit a Video XML sitemap to the search engines.  Similar to your website XML sitemap, the video sitemap tells the search engines that a video is on the page and to include it in search crawls and indexing.

Video production and video content optimization are growing leaps and bounds every month in importance to companies communicating the real reasons why customers want their products and services.  No other medium can deliver the total package of “why” customers buy from you like video production can.

For more information about video production and video search engine optimization, please contact Frank Schwartz with LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email  We are Charlotte’s full-service corporate video production and video content marketing company.