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August 8 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte Video Marketing, Charlotte Video Production, and Marketing Video Production., In Tags: business video production, corporate video production, and marketing video production.

LEC Media produces a marketing video for Ingersoll Rand.LEC Media recently completed a really unique video production shoot and producing project for Ingersoll Rand for a new marketing video to introduce their newest innovation in pressurized air piping.

The marketing video showcases the innovative pressurized air piping product and the benefits to users adopting the new piping technology versus the outdated iron piping that contractors are still using today.

The SimplAir Piping family from Ingersoll Rand is a full line of high pressure pipingCharlotte video production company LEC Media produces marketing videos for Ingersoll Rand.designed to meet all your compressed air needs. From our large Evolution line, down to our push-to-connect EasyLine, we provide the optimal solutions for all of your compressed air delivery requirements.  You can read more about this revolutionary piping system on the Ingersoll Rand website.

If your company would like to produce a marketing video to showcase your unique products and services, please contact Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-966-9474.  Marketing video production can be as short as 30-seconds to as long as needed to fully explain and showcase your unique selling proposition.  We look forward to helping your business generate new customers through the use of marketing video production from LEC Media!