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In B2B marketing, there’s always one question that customers are asking over and over again.

“Can I trust you?”

When customers are visiting your website, they’re trying to decide if they want to do business with you. They want to know if they can trust you, and it’s a good question to have. If they can’t trust you, they definitely won’t be doing business with you.

How can we get our customers to trust us?

Lucky for you we have the answer. Here at LEC, we believe that client testimonial videos are the answer. Your potential customers want to hear from real people about real experiences before they commit to doing business with you. It’s like the need that people have to read a restaurant review before trying that new restaurant in town. I know, I know…we were taught to be original and make decisions for ourselves. The truth though is this: opinions matter to people.

How do client video testimonials work?

Video testimonials provide your company with more credible information by putting a face to the words being said. You can give your customers something better than an online review – you can give them a personal story of how your company improved the life of someone just like them. These days, it’s really important for marketers to be transparent about their products, because consumers are tired of the dodgy marketing tactics. Video testimonials offer you the chance to give your customers something real, something honest.

And I know what you’re thinking…the overhead involved in actually creating the videos is higher. You’re right, but the results can be well worth the effort. A huge benefit to client testimonial videos is that they deviate pretty far from typical testimonials, which gives your brands a chance to be much more creative in showcasing how happy your customers are. Video testimonials offer more than just a quote about your product. They offer a glimpse at how users are actually interacting with your product.

By utilizing client testimonials, you are giving a voice to the customers of your business. That voice is important to tapping into the emotional needs of customers and explaining why and how your business can fulfill their needs.

Check out two of the most recent video testimonials we produced for our clients, Richmond Dental and Pelton & Crane.

To learn more about how using client testimonials can help your business today, or if you have any other questions, email us at We look forward to helping your business take advantage of the power of client video testimonials, so your business can continue to develop!

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