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July 22 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Workshop, Charlotte Video Marketing, and Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: business video production, charlotte business video production, and charlotte corporate video production.


Abbey Road

When  the Beatles album Abbey Road was released in 1969, there were scores of fans who believed Paul McCartney was dead.  They believed the album cover held clues to support their claim- he was barefoot, out of step with the other band members, smoking with his right hand when he was left handed.  There’s more conspiracy theories than you can imagine in just this one photograph. You can read all of them over here.

For some reason, this album cover came to mind when we announced our merger with 1060 Creative a few weeks back.  Although there were photos of  all interested parties signing the paperwork, and we blogged about the benefits of our expanded team, there still seemed to be a lot of confusion about what was next for Frank Schwartz.

So just to clear up any confusion, Frank, Anthony and Peter, and LEC Media are all alive and well.  In fact, the entire LEC Media team has had an incredible summer so far; creating fun projects with new clients like this marketing video for Midan Marketing– which made us all want to eat a lot of steak

And a helpful little product called DryFins, which has the male half of our office feeling much more comfortable at the pool this season

In addition to these new clients, we’ve enjoyed working with some of our repeat customers, too! Shout out to Joerns, Bank of America, and Force Management, just to name a few.

All combined, we have a collective 17 years in the video business here in Charlotte.  Our ability to adapt to new technologies and trends, as well as our commitment to long term clients is a testament to how successful we are in the video business.  If this sounds like we’re tooting our own horn well…yeah, we are.

One more thing that we have found to be wildly successful, and just a darn good time is our Monthly Bratwurst Thursday Event.


Our office comes with a perfect patio in the Fourth Ward, Charlotte that is just asking for a cook out.  So once a month we roll out the grill and cook up bratwurst for all our friends, clients, and neighbors.  It’s fun, free, and BYOB.  Our next Bratwurst Thursday is actually tomorrow, July 23rd from 4-6pm.  We’d love to have you! Contact us for more info

So if you have a need for corporate, B2B marketing videos, you need look no farther than the largest video agency in the Charlotte Metro area.  LEC Media is here to stay and we’d love to work with you!

Frank is not dead

Frank is not dead