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May 21 | In Categories: Charlotte Video Production and Video SEO., In Tags: charlotte seo, charlotte video search engine optimization, charlotte video seo, and charlotte vseo.

Charlotte video search engine optimization and vseo from LEC Media.Your business website should have optimized pages, tags, descriptions, headlines, images, titles, and page URL’s.  Your business videos should have these items as well and LEC Media can handle this for you!

The search engines love video.  If you have been using Google, Yahoo or Bing, you notice that they are all indexing and including video in the displayed search results.  Why is that?  Well, video has become exponentially important in how people search for information.  Web searchers want a varied mix of search results:  web pages, blogs, images and video.

So, what are you going to do about ensuring that your business videos are going to be included in the search results for your primary keywords and phrases?  Herein lies the new Internet marketing art of Video Search Engine Optimization, or VSEO or Video SEO from LEC Media.Charlotte video search engine marketing and video optimization vseo from LEC Media.

There are similarities when optimizing your business videos to be included in search engine results.  Video title descriptions, video meta tags, relevancy factors, keywords and phrases, etc.  At LEC Media, we excel at appropriately tagging and optimizing our client business videos to be included in search engine organic results.

As business video becomes more important in the process of customers evaluating which products and services they want to purchase, the ranking and search engine results of your business videos will become more important to you!  Call Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email to learn more about Video Search Engine Optimization, VSEO and Video SEO services!