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June 7 | In Categories: Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: Charlotte Video Production, LEC Media, LEC Media video production, trade show video production, and video production.

Here at LEC Media in Charlotte, we take pride in our ability to apply exciting and unique video production techniques to projects our clients need. Such was the case when we were recently flown out to Flagstaff, AZ by Machine Solutions to create a trade show video for their company.

There are a variety of ways businesses can use video production for trade show purposes, so this was a great opportunity to showcase our video production skills, while providing Machine Solutions with a great marketing tool. We could have repurposed old video from their business, but converting old video for use in another format often tells the wrong type of story, at the wrong place and at the wrong time. This project called for something fresher, so we designed a new video showcasing their global supply services of medical devices.

“Trade shows attract a wide variety of business people and decision makers from all over, so we decided to create this project in English, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese,” explains Frank Schwartz of LEC Media. “Interactions at trade shows can be quick, so to ensure Machine Solutions communicated their message to as many people as possible, we decided that a video production in multiple languages fit this specific situation’s needs.”

Benefits of Video Production Use at Trade Shows

Trade Shows can be hectic, and with so much competition in one place it’s vital to create an engaging display for clients, investors, sponsors and prospects. The use of video production at trade shows provides businesses with many benefits, including:

  • Point of Reference – Video production provides your business with a unique point of reference others will be able to easily recall. Whether it was the eye-popping graphics, or interesting level of interaction your video offers potential clients, they will always have something to visualize when they think back to your business.
  • Cost Effective – Costs associated with printing enough materials and branded trinkets to pass along to exhibit visitors at a trade show can be pricey. Not only that, but your business can waste a lot of money if people discard your informative materials. The use of video production eliminates this waste of your finances. Plus you can post the video or email a link to prospects after the show!
  • Showcase Product or Service – Video production serves as an excellent assistant in demonstrating your product or service. While you explain your product, video feed can showcase various highlights, customer satisfaction reviews or product tutorials for example.
  • Selling Point – It’s a proven fact that nothing sells like video. It’s as effective of a sales tool in the marketing arena as any. There’s something about putting your product or service into a professionally packaged video display that leads to higher rates of customer recall. 

“Video production adds value to anything an exhibitor is presenting at a trade show,” says Schwartz. “Through video, you can reach the ideal vibe for your customer base by providing them with something they can identify with through sight and sound.”

To learn more about video production or if you have any other questions, call Frank Schwartz with LEC Media at 704-966-9474, or email Frank. We look forward to helping you create new trade show video marketing tools that will help your business continue to grow!