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April 17 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte Video Marketing, Charlotte Video Production, and Video Product Demonstrations., In Tags: charlotte corporate video production, Product demonstration video, and Video product demonstration.

LEC Media works with medium to large-sized business clients on all types of video production projects.  One of our recent projects was a series of video demonstrations for Eureka Vacuum Cleaners on the Walmart e-commerce website.

Charlotte corporate video production for Eureka vacuum cleaners with LEC Media.“Walmart is progressively providing their vendor partners with more opportunities to market their products on the enormously-successful website,” said Frank Schwartz with LEC Media.  “We worked with Eureka here in Charlotte to produce a series of Eureka vacuum cleaner model video demonstrations that were going to be showcased on the website.”

The video production showcased the unique selling points and customer benefits of the particular Eureka vacuum cleaner product.  “We produced the video in an actual home in Charlotte so the viewer could see the product in a real-life setting,” adds Schwartz.  “Using video demonstrations to showcase Eureka products on the website is an enormous opportunity for Eureka to reach all of their customer’s physical senses to experience owning one of the vacuum cleaners.”

Charlotte video production company LEC Media works with Eureka vacuum cleaners and the website.Video production and video content optimization are growing leaps and bounds every month in importance to companies communicating the real reasons why customers want their products and services.  No other medium can deliver the total package of “why” customers buy from you like video production can.

For more information about video production and video search engine optimization, please contact Frank Schwartz with LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email  We are Charlotte’s full-service corporate video production and video content marketing company.