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December 22 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production and Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: charlotte corporate video production and custom video content production.

Charlotte corporate video production with LEC Media and Frank Schwartz.The days of just “shooting a video” are over.  There is little to no return from just shooting a video and posting it up on YouTube.  Website visitors to your business website are searching for hooks of engagement.  They want content that compels, educates and motivates them.  Video content is emerging as one of the most compelling and engaging resources to hit the Internet and smart phone worlds.

LEC Media is one of the top corporate video production companies in Charlotte.  Several years ago we identified several website and smart phone user trends that involved the use of engaging video production.  People were watching videos for longer periods of time and more frequently.  But what was making people search for and watch video content specifically?  This is where we started noticing the trends and hunger for engaging and compelling video content.

Top 5 Characteristics of Engaging Video Content

1.  HD (High Definition) Video.  There is a huge difference in quality of video between Charlotte corporate video production company LEC Media creates custom video content for businesses.your home video camera and a professional HD camera.  LEC Media invests in the latest HD video technologies to deliver the sharpest, most versatile, flexible video format.

2.  The Magic Happens After the Camera Turns Off. LEC Media knows that the real magic in creating engaging video content comes in the post-production process after the camera turns off.  While we do obviously plan for our video shoots, the post-production and editing process is where we can really boost the overall quality of the story and content with technical and creative wizardry, custom graphics and charts, compelling transitions and scene shifts, and many other techniques to increase video content engagement.

3.  Knowing How to Tell a Story. The best Charlotte video production companies really know how to capture the essence of your company and message and express that story with engaging and compelling features.  We at LEC Media are superb “video story tellers” because we see past the on-site video shoot.  We envision how the final video needs to convey your story to engage and motivate customers to act.

Video production company LEC Media in Charlotte produces custom video content for businesses.4.  Understanding the Human Need to Connect. What?!  This is where superb video content can be captured, developed and delivered through LEC Media.  We’re all in the people business first.  And once we understand that, we focus on the real fact that our most basic human need is to connect with others.  The connections make our lives possible.  And superb video content facilitates that human connection.  Only then can we really motivate a potential customer to convert and contact you.  This is different thinking…this is the way we think at LEC Media!

5.  People are Desperate for Value! The new economy has all but eliminated value from the purchasing research process.  Customers and prospects want value.  Prices have skyrocketed on everything and the value has been diminished.  It’s almost the new norm.  But that shouldn’t be the case.  At LEC Media we ensure that your video content conveys the real sense of value to customers watching it.  We focus on your company’s expertise, customer service, warranties or guarantees, unique inventiveness, personality and culture, and your presentation of how to address your customer’s unique needs or wants.

In 2012, video content will continue to grow in demand and popularity.  LEC Media is ready to assist your company in creating the next level of video content development and marketing.  We can do this for all companies regardless of size or marketplace!  Call Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email today to learn more about how superb video content can propel your business.