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September 22 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte Employee Video Training, and Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: charlotte corporate video production, charlotte employee video training, and employee training with video.

LEC Media has just completed a series of employee training videos for an online banking product called CashPro Online. 

CashPro Online meets clients’ diverse working capital needs by delivering a simplified, personalized Web experience that provides secure and convenient access to a broad range of treasury management, investment, debt and trade services through one portal.

Employee training video production company LEC Media in Charlotte NC.

The goal with our video production employee training was to showcase the process in an easy-to-understand series of steps so employees can properly assist their banking customers with the program.

Video training for employees from Charlotte corporate video production company LEC Media.

Using video production to train employees is the most efficient manner of training because the video is available 24/7 for employees across the globe.  If your company would like to learn more about employee training video production, please contact Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email  We look forward to helping your company realize tremendous returns by leveraging the power of employee training video production from LEC Media!