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December 28 | In Categories: Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: charlotte corporate video production and charlotte video company.

Adding video production to your business blog increases the opportunities for your customers to interact with and share your brand with their network.  “Video production is quickly earning a reputation trust factor as the go-to medium for touching all of the purchase decision making senses for new customers,” said Frank Schwartz, president of LEC Media in Charlotte.  “Adding video production to your business blog entices new customers to experience a multimedia event while becoming engaged with your blog’s content.”

Charlotte video production with LEC Media 704-966-9474.

LEC Media recently worked with Windstream to help them produce a series of videos that are designed to promote a higher level of engagement within the Windstream Business blog.  “Our first videos launched inside the Windstream blog in October and it was their highest month of views and shares to date,” says Schwartz.

3 Reasons Why Adding Video to Blogs is a Smart Move

1.  Video targets both sight and sound.  Video is the only medium that can deliver messages via sight and sound.  Video engages more senses and maintains attention spans at much longer weights than text-only blog posts.

2.  Video is optimized on search engines.  The search engines like indexing and serving video with a user’s search results.  A properly-indexed and optimized video will help your overall search engine rankings when posted in your blog.

3.  Video is designed for tablets and mobile.  YouTube and the video players that we use for our video clients are optimized to stream videos to tablets and mobile devices without heavy buffering times.  “It is amazing that using 4G access on our smartphones allows our client videos to stream immediately after pressing the play button,” says Schwartz.

Charlotte corporate video production with business blogs and LEC Media 704-966-9474. Video production will increase your customer’s engagement on your business blogs.  “Be sure to use video for messaging on training, company announcements, press releases, product or service upgrades, as well as overall marketing and branding,” adds Schwartz.

To learn more about video and video production in Charlotte, call Frank Schwartz with LEC Media in Charlotte at 704-966-9474 or email  We look forward to helping you increase your video presence in your company blogs.