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October 9 | In Categories: Charlotte Video Marketing., In Tags: charlotte business video production, charlotte employee video training, and Charlotte Video Production.


For the Lifehouse song headache… you’re welcome.

We’re very intrigued by the notion of meeting your customers at the micro moments.  Moments that might not really qualify as a stage in a traditional sales funnel, but rather the real-life moments where decisions are being made, especially now that so much of the day-to-day buying cycles for most consumers have moved to mobile platforms. In fact, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchase decision while they are in the store ready to make the purchase. We also find that micro moments revolve around major and minor life events that are well documented on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

We’re especially intrigued with the idea that most of these micro moments are perfect opportunities for video. Whether a consumer is looking to compare products or businesses, find a how-to, or watch a product review, video is the perfect vehicle to make information accessible to your audience, no matter where they are.

Helping Consumers in the Moment

Electrolux has taken advantage of communicating to their customers when they need assistance by creating product demonstration and assembly videos for a number of their products.  Consumers can quickly reference a video on YouTube when they have questions about their particular vacuum model, which also reduces the number of service calls.

Other interesting data to consider is the time of day and year when your consumers may be looking for your goods or services.  A recent whitepaper from Facebook  revealed that the social media platform has gathered a lot of data to show the times of day certain demographics are using their site, as well as the topics surrounding a major life event like moving or having a baby.  Research also suggests that there are peak times of the year for certain life events to take place.  Knowing these trends can be helpful when considering the timing of a video release for your brand.

The Fine Line Between Helpful and Creepy

Businesses need to walk the fine line between helpful and creepy when utilizing micro moments to their advantage.  We have all seen pop up ads that seem to know exactly where we’ve been shopping or browsing online.  Facebook has even taken things a step farther, to reveal behaviors that revolve around significant lifestyle changes and events. While this information can be tremendously helpful to marketers in determining the best time to reach their ideal demographic, it is important not to be too nosy. A well placed marketing video or service ad can aid your consumers.  A stalker-ish email direct to their inbox might be a major turn off.

So, how does your business use video to be present in these micro moments?  Would you like to know more about mobile video content for your brand?  We can help.