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September 16 | In Categories: Charlotte Video Marketing., In Tags: Charlotte video content marketing and charlotte video content production.


After a jam-packed 48 hours at the Content Marketing World Conference in Cleveland last week, our little brains are full to busting with new ideas and concepts for marketing.  We also have an even stronger affinity for the color orange

Orange Snacks

who knew there were so many orange snack foods?

Here is our list of the top 3 takeaways from this year’s conference:

1. Be Insanely Honest

Doug Kessler’s (@dougkessler) presentation about insanely honest marketing hit us right in the gut.  It’s the center of our way of thinking at LEC Media: TruthTelling.  Doug told us that normal honesty in business is ethical, but insane honesty is a choice businesses can make to openly share their weaknesses with consumers. We think that the authentic storytelling in your marketing needs to go one step further, and that is where Doug took us, with excellent examples of large corporations that are turning less-than-stellar qualities about their businesses and products into true selling points that make consumers want to engage with them. Telling the truth in your business not only builds trust, but it also separates legit prospects from the rest of the pack.  Only people that appreciate your honesty and straightforwardness will become customers, and those are the exact clients you want.  It will change the way you do business, we promise. We are so on board, Doug!

VW ad

If VW can laugh at themselves, maybe you can too


2. Take Time To Celebrate Milestones

Kathy Button Bell

Kathy Button Bell- Complete rock star

Kathy Button-Bell ( @Emerson_KathyBB) is quite possibly one of the best public speakers around.  Her presentation on Emerson’s 125th anniversary and the way they are incorporating STEM initiatives into their marketing campaign to draw more attention from millennials was engaging and thoughtful.  We can’t deny that we’re partial to Kathy because she says things like, “If you have a marketing budget of $10, spend 8 of those 10 dollars on video”.  Here’s a look at their 125th Anniversary Celebration

Even a small company can find ways to incorporate this type of video into their marketing campaign.  By showing the human side of a business, you build trust and more importantly tell your true story.  Kathy encouraged all of us to find these milestones in our own businesses and take the opportunity to turn them into good news that can be shared.  This kind of PR is positive and worth sharing to consumers that want to see inside your brand.

3. Cleveland Rocks!

Despite hearing opinions to the contrary, Cleveland is a great city!  We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Tuesday Evening before the conference began, and the Conference Center in downtown was first class.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Barenaked Ladies brought their A Game to the Cleveland Music Hall on Wednesday night


Pinch Me

Even Nick Offerman got into the act with his original songs and a handmade ukelele

Nick Offerman

Ron Swanson plays guitar

All in all, we were impressed, Cleveland.  We’re already booking our trip for next year!