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July 30 | In Categories: Charlotte Employee Video Training and Charlotte Video Training Production., In Tags: charlotte employee video training and video training production.

Training video production is one of our Charlotte company’s top video services.  The benefits of using professional video production for training purposes far outweighs costly and timely in-person training programs.

Training video production in Charlotte, NC with LEC Media.

“One of our latest training video production projects was to travel to New York City on behalf of Merrill Lynch to create a series of instructional materials for their financial advisors,” said Frank Schwartz of LEC Media.  “The goal of the training video project was to work with this outside group of training experts from New York City to produce training instruction videos for the financial advisors to better network and build their advisory practices.”

Training video production offers consistency of message and reinforces key training points through audio, custom graphics and a speaking “expert” or authority as the individual delivering the information.

Charlotte video training production company LEC Media.

“We shot this particular series of training videos with about half a dozen training experts,” says Schwartz.  “These experts spoke on how to get better results from networking, how to give financial seminars, and how to approach new prospects for the financial advisors to share their unique marketing information.”

Beyond the cost and time-saving benefits, training video production can reach audiences across the globe at any time zone.  “But it’s the consistent message that is the real benefit of having a video training program,” adds Schwartz.  “The message is always controlled and gives a company the opportunity to reinforce key message points without dissolving or changing the message intent.”

Training videos can be used for recruitment purposes as well.  Companies can use the videos for new employee orientations and introductions of complex policies or company procedures.  These videos can show potential employees how structured and thorough the company is with respect to initiatives and training.

If your company is interested in training video production programs, please contact Frank Schwartz with LEC Media in Charlotte, NC at 704-966-9474 or email  We look forward to showing you the benefits of professional video production.