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August 8 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production and Smartphone Video Production., In Tags: charlotte smartphone video production, Charlotte Video Production, charlotte video social media, and Video on mobile devices.

Video on mobile devices in Charlotte with LEC Media.Let’s face it, all content, and video is a large part of content, must be optimized and developed to properly display and play on mobile devices.  “Before we launch a discussion on displaying video on mobile devices here in Charlotte, we need to understand the movement behind mobile marketing first,” says Frank Schwartz of LEC Media in Charlotte, NC.  “As part of any smart mobile marketing plan, video on mobile devices should have a strategy about download times, video lengths and video playback speed.”

Marketing Video on Mobile Devices

1.  Have a content strategyVideo is content and Google sees it as an important component of fresh and relevant content.  But what is your content strategy or focus?  What keyword phrases do you want to target?  Who is your target audience?  How often can you provide new and updated video content?  Once a year is not appropriate.  Video is an important component of your overall content strategy and it must mirror the other pieces of content that you deliver to your audience and the search engines.

2.  Make video to play on the mobile devices.  You may think that this is a simple concept, but mobile devices do not have the hard-wired access to bandwidth and download speed that your desktop does.  “We have a separate mobile video strategy outside of traditional desktop usage,” said Schwartz.  “We produce shorter video productions for mobile devices, we optimize the file transfer size, and we factor in the smaller screen sizes that the user will view and interact with the mobile video.”Mobile video and tablet video production in Charlotte, NC with LEC Media.

3.  Consider your customers sharing their own video content.  As mobile and smart phone video applications broaden, we are not only concerned with just pushing video content out to our audiences.  “Here’s a wild idea,” added Schwartz.  “What if we asked our audience to push video from their mobile phone cameras back to us?”  Imagine the data and instant feedback you could get from customers using your product or service and recording their experiences.  How could your product development or marketing teams use that feedback?

“So now we have multiple customers watching our video products across multiple surfaces,” said Schwartz.  “You could have one single customer watch your video on a desktop, a tablet and then on their smart phone.  And each surface would need to have the same video adjusted to optimally play per each device!”  As responsive websites and responsive web design fuel your desktop, tablet and smart phone, we can see the day getting closer when responsive video applications will automatically re-size your video to match the device.

To learn more about video production and video on mobile devices, please contact Frank Schwartz at LEC Media in Charlotte at 704-966-9474 or email  We look forward to showing you how your video can be accessed properly across desktop, mobile, tablet and smart phone surfaces.