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August 18 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production., In Tags: business video production, charlotte business video production, charlotte corporate video production, charlotte marketing video production, corporate video production, and LEC Media.


You know the old adage “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”?

Old Boots

That phrase completely rings true for our agency.  We make homepage videos all day long for other companies.

We extoll the virtues of updating your videos to provide fresh new information to potential clients.

We think that all our clients need video marketing as a major component of their website.

And yet, it’s taken us ages to update our own homepage video! Why?  Well, a lot of times we tend to push our own projects to the distant future because we are in the business of serving our clients first.  We are in the service industry, and your needs come before ours every time. And this is a truly genuine intention.  But it’s also a little bit of an excuse…

Because creating a homepage video seems haaaard (you should read this in a very whiny tone right here).  It takes too much tiiiiime.  Turns out, we’re pretty good at procrastinating (we posted about that just a few weeks ago).  We face the same challenges other business face when deciding on a video marketing strategy, and we ask the same questions you do:  What should we include?  What should we say?  Where should we film it?  How long should it be?

So, after a long period of procrastination (Like, a long time. Possibly two years.  Perhaps longer.  Stop looking at us!) we have a homepage video that is newly updated and ready for viewing

Are there things we’d like to tweak?  Sure.  Is there more we want to say?  Yes.  But we have an updated, finished product that has started the conversation.  And once we made it we realized, it really wasn’t too hard.  We feel like we could make a few more, maybe have a short series.  So just getting past the point of starting and getting into the doing has already helped tremendously.

We can help you, too. Let’s get started.