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May 19 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production., In Tags: business video production, charlotte corporate video production, Corporate Video Cost, and Video marketing budget.

Corporate Video Cost Factors

Making you look good in your Corporate Video

This is probably the first question you are thinking of when you are exploring the possibility of creating a Corporate Video.

It’s also the hardest for us to answer, because there really is no set cost; every project is different, and there are many different variables that go in to calculating the cost of a corporate video. For most businesses, if you are planning on producing a film for either promotional and/or training purposes, the budget will be a key factor. We definitely want to ensure we deliver value for your marketing dollars and that you’re presented with realistic cost options upfront.


One of the best compliments we’ve received from a client was “when we first saw your work we thought we couldn’t afford you”. This is a great example of how people’s perception varies as to how much video production costs. Truthfully, film and video can be produced for ANY budget, but the production quality will directly reflect how much budget has been allocated to produce the project. You may know a kid fresh out of college who has a pretty fancy camera, or you may be able to find a decent freelancer on Craigslist if your budget is limited.  But keep in mind that cutting corners on your production team will greatly affect not just your finished product, but also the entire video creation process


The quality and production levels of a $1000 project will be ideal for some customers and brands, whereas other companies will require a level of production that requires a budget nearer the $5000 mark. At the far end of this scale we have clients and projects that require that “Hollywood look” and long periods of production with very large crews which only come with 6 figure budgets. And truthfully, that type of video is not the kind we specialize in.  We like a smaller scale, intimate experience where we get to know your company and your brand.  This way we can craft your unique story and help tell it to your consumers.


So how should you go about establishing costs/needs? Well, after the initial discussion with your film production company (and you should definitely get quotes from several) you ideally would want them to do a location visit to see exactly what needs filming and how it should be done. What is physically required to be filmed is a key part of the cost. For example – A series of talking heads shots with a simple lighting setup is significantly cheaper than producing an elevated dynamic sweeping crane shots of a building, landmark or land area. Be sure you take the time in your planning to hold this kind of initial planning session.


The location visit should be done on a non-obligation basis and used to really nail down the type of film you need. Once this is done you should expect the production company to produce a detailed quote along with a basic production script document that gives you a summary of what the final film will include both picture and sound wise. This will now allow you to get a good overview of what you’ll get for your money and offer options of areas where tweaks can be made.


Once you’ve decided on a production company and you’re ready to proceed, they should then start the pre-production in full.  This means developing the skeleton shooting script into a fuller document for you to review prior to shooting and also crafting storyboards depending on how involved your video needs to be.


If you have any questions about the video making process, or just want to have a discussion about the way to do things, we’re always here!