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June 3 | In Categories: Charlotte Corporate Video Production and Charlotte Trade Show Video Production., In Tags: charlotte trade show video, charlotte trade show video production, and trade show video.

Trade show video production is a unique and differentiating trade show marketing tool that can help draw crowds and attention to your company in a very crowded and small physical marketplace.  Video from LEC Media will capture your eye’s curiosity faster than a motionless graphic or steel booth frame.

Charlotte trade show video production from LEC Media.

One inherent challenge with trade show marketing is that you may be targeting the “same” people time after time.  A trade show video can bring something unique to the table and express your company’s product or service in a new light that has not been seen or heard before.  LEC Media offers you a few ideas on your next trade show video that we have experienced with our video production clients:

Size Appropriately – If your booth is small, a single television will do the trick. However, if your booth is on the larger size, you might consider having two or three larger televisions hanging high or standing on strategic platforms within your booth. These should be where passers-by can see them easiest.

Relevant Content – If you are at a trade show for electronics, it would not make sense to play a video Charlotte trade show video marketing production from LEC Media and Frank Schwartz.about bridal accessories. Your video should be professionally prepared, edited and directed. Customer testimonials, a message from the CEO or owner, and product demonstrations are but a few of the things that can be interesting to potential clients. Content should be dynamic, relevant and SHORT. Short bursts of information are retained better than long, drawn-out presentations.

Volume – Volume should be loud enough to be heard by those wishing to hear it on the periphery of the trade show exhibit, but not so loud as to interfere with meetings that you and your staff may be having with potential or current clients. This can be tricky, and goes back to the issue of strategically placing the monitors.

LEC Media can help your company create and produce an enticing, exciting and attention-earning trade show video!  Call Frank Schwartz at 704-966-9474 or email to schedule a private meeting where we can generate ideas on how to make your trade show video work!