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June 12 | In Categories: Charlotte Business Video Workshop., In Tags: charlotte, charlotte corporate video production, Charlotte Video Production, LEC Media, and video production.

Carbis is a truck safety equipment manufacturer out of Memphis, TN, that we recently worked on a video production project with.For many businesses, video production is a popular marketing campaign tool for showcasing their products or services. With so much competition in every market, it makes sense to provide customers with the most powerful story of what your business has to offer. It’s an effective way of saying, “Hey, this is why you should do business with us over the others,” in an informative, interesting way.

Taking that into consideration, we recently worked with Carbis, a truck safety equipment manufacturer out of Memphis, TN, to create a promotional and instructional video for one of their company’s safety platforms. This was an excellent opportunity to expand our video production experience into an industry that has an exciting story to tell their customers.

“When businesses incorporate video production into a marketing plan, there is an interesting impact that takes place,” explains Frank Schwartz of LEC Media. “Video educates, entertains and inspires in ways other marketing tools fail to do.”

Video Production’s Top 3 Impacts on Marketing Plans

  1. Video production lives forever. Video remains online and in Google search results for a very long time. Your video’s extended online lifetime makes it much more valuable over time.
  2. Video is shared quickly and easily. With smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, video is easier than ever before to send to others. Social media has fueled video sharing with the push of a button. It allows you to get your video production out to the public in a fun and searchable way.
  3. Video is easily searchable. Between photos, graphics, social media and other networks that easily share information, your video will be much easier to find. YouTube is the second-largest search engine, so that can also affect organic Google search results, possibly making the online presence of your business more visible.

“With YouTube alone having over 4 billion views per day, it’s apparent where consumers spend their time,” says Schwartz. “Currently when they are searching for products, it’s videos that they are searching for to explain, demonstrate and bring to life products or service lines.” Similar to Charlotte, Memphis is quickly catching on to the value of video production.

It’s evident that for any business to grow their marketing mix to the next level, video production should be a key ingredient. The multi-faceted benefits video provides consumers with is unmatched by most other marketing techniques.

To learn more about video production and how it can help your marketing plans, call Frank Schwartz with LEC Media at 704-966-9974 or email Frank. We look forward to helping your company take advantage of this great marketing tool!