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May 14 | In Categories: Business Video Production and Charlotte Corporate Video Production., In Tags: business video production, charlotte business video, charlotte marketing video production, charlotte video company, video content, and video marketing.


Odds are, probably not.

Since beginning blogging in earnest a while back, the thought that continually crosses our mind the most is, “Is anyone even going to read this?”. It’s hard to know if all our blogging efforts are reaching anyone or making any kind of difference. We live in a busy, noisy world, and the constant streams of chatter on all social media channels can really water down the content being published. But while we’re busy worrying about whether our blog is getting read, we’re really also celebrating the fact that it’s not- because more and more, people are turning to video content.

It is proven science at this point that video content is getting far more engagement than your run-of-the-mill blog posts, Whitepapers, and bulk emails.  Partly due to the fact that people just aren’t setting aside time for article reading like they used to. 140 characters is what we have time for- that’s all.

The second, and more compelling reason engagement with video content is increasing is that people LOVE a story.  A video is visual storytelling, told to you the viewer in a way that you can relate. It’s a one sided conversation. But that conversation helps your audience meet you, learn about what you do, and decide if they want to do business with you.

We had the opportunity to make one of these first impression videos with Burrow Orthodontics

“We can’t teach nice. We hire nice” This statement says a lot about Burrow Orthodontics’ way of doing business, and you see it on the faces of the employees in this video.  Before you even set foot in their office, you have a good idea what their office is like, their methodology, what you can expect, from less than 2 minutes of video. Those are things you cannot grasp as easily if you were to just read a mailer or a brochure.

If you have a story that needs telling, if you’re worried no one is reading what you’re writing about your business, maybe it’s time to channel some of your efforts into video.  We can help with that.