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Last week, after months of legal paperwork to make us legit, one of our friendly competitors in the Charlotte market, 1060 Creative, was officially acquired by LEC Media.

Signature Pages

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This officially raises our number of on-staff employees to nine. We could be our own baseball team. Once we settled the extremely important decision of what our dedicated office coffee brand would be, we got down to hard facts. We are now one, if not the largest Corporate Video Production Company in the greater Charlotte area.  And we are looking forward to becoming a Southeast presence in the next few years.  So what does that mean for our clients? We think it boils down to three super impactful changes that make our company a pretty great choice for businesses in need of a video agency.

1. Division of Labor

With new hands on deck comes the ability to segment our business processes even more, so that one person isn’t handling everything. This makes video projects of all sizes run smoothly and efficiently.

We have a dedicated Client Advocate- Will Leslie- who’s sole job is to make sure you are informed throughout the entire video-making process and that any questions about the project are answered lickety-split.

Will Leslie

Will-Client Advocate

Anthony Proctor is our Creative Director.  His primary focus is your script.  Voice overs, talent, the look and feel of your project.  He’s on it.

Anthony Proctor

Anthony- Creative Director

Corey Utke is our VP of Operations.  He makes sure everything from the first creative meeting to the delivery of your final project is on target, on time.

Corey Utke

Corey Utke- VP of Operations

Editing genius, Peter Baker pieces your story together and fine tunes every bit of footage. Peter’s 10+ years of editing and motion graphics make him a valuable asset to our team.

Peter Baker

Peter Baker- Senior Editor

Allison is a recent graduate from Anderson University, and she is sharpening her mad skillz in her Video Content Specialist role

Allison Shank

Allison Shank-Video Content Specialist

When you add support staff (Ally MacNichol), marketing (Claire Bingham), billing (Perry Blickenstaff), and our head honcho (Frank Schwartz), you have a pretty comprehensive video agency team that can help you from start to finish.

Ally MacNichol

Ally MacNichol- Executive Assistant

Perry Blickenstaff

Perry Blickenstaff- Director of Finances

Claire Bingham

Claire Bingham- Marketing Assistant

Frank Schwartz

Frank Schwartz- CEO

2. Time

Second only to money, time is our most valuable resource.  We know that you need your project done in a timely manner, on a deadline, and on budget.  Having a larger team means that we don’t have to spread ourselves thin to accommodate your project and make the finished product come together.  We don’t have to hire freelancers since we have enough folks in house that are ready to jump in. That reduces production costs and affects your bottom line…in a good way.

3. Resources

In the same vein as hiring freelancers, smaller companies often have to rent equipment.  Cameras, lights, green screens.  These are additional line items that can be costly for a project.  With the merger of two well seasoned companies came the acquisition of resources as well.  So we are well equipped with lighting, cameras, and other gear to make your video as professional as possible.  Our studio is located in the Fourth Ward of Charlotte, on North Church Street.  You are welcome to come down and tour our studio, see the cyc wall and edit suite.  Let us know if you have any questions about getting started on your project!

Cyc Wall

A view of our Cyc Wall