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April 16 | In Categories: Business Video Production and Charlotte Corporate Video Production., In Tags: Brand message, business video production, charlotte corporate video production, charlotte marketing video production, charlotte testimonial video, and custom video content production.


One of your company’s greatest assets is your brand.  It’s the calling card that you put out into the marketplace that states, “This is who we are, this is what we do, this is what we believe”.  So it is paramount that you understand how your brand is perceived.  What are your defining characteristics?  How are you different (and therefore better than) the competition? What does your brand truly mean to your audience?

There are dozens of ways a company can grow its brand and tailor its brand message, but the one we feel is the most important is the use of video.  Here are three good reasons why video is the best way to convey what your brand means.

1. You Are the Megaphone

When you put a face with a name, you are far more likely to remember that person.  This happens all the time at parties, or business conferences.  Someone you have only heard of by name before becomes a ‘real’ person when you meet them face to face.  The same goes with a brand.  Beyond a logo, seeing a real person behind a company, telling their story about the business and showing pride in what they do helps connect your viewer emotionally to your brand.  Now a face has been associated with a company name, and you have made a connection.

2. Visual Proof is Provided

There is no easier way to tell a story than to provide an illustration to go with it.  There is a different video for every topic that needs illustrating within a company.  A motion graphics video can pare down a complex business process to its essential elements, making it easily understandable.  A product demonstration on camera can clarify a process or provide an easy way to show how things work at your company without needing to bring the product to each and every sales call.  And a testimonial from a satisfied client is a great way to provide visual proof that what you have to offer is benefitting people directly.  Any or all of these videos are useful tools to help promote your brand.

We recently had the opportunity to work with InVue Security on several of their product demonstration videos. See what they had to say about their experience working with us, and also the benefits of their video

3. Position Yourself Ahead of the Competition

With the goodwill you create through a personalized video message, and the illustrations you provide through testimonials, product demos, and graphic videos, you set yourself widely apart from your competitors.  These personal touches help foster trust in your brand and your audience will come to see you as a resource in your field.

If we can help you solidify your brand message through video, please let us know