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May 11 | In Categories: Business Video Production, Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte TV Commercial Production, and Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: charlotte business video production, charlotte corporate video production, charlotte video marketing, charlotte video platform technology, and charlotte video technology.

Charlotte corporate video production and video technology from LEC Media.Once you have produced your business videos, you will need to have a “video player” on your website to actually host and play your business videos.  At LEC Media, we use and suggest several major online video platforms.  But we’ll keep it generic here for learning purposes!

First, you need to outline your Video Playback requirements.  Those could look something like this for a typical business with many business videos:

1.  Does the video player support HTML5, which is the operating system for iPhones;
2.  Does the video player support video playlists so you can group and organize videos;Charlotte business video production and video editing from LEC Media.
3.  Does the video player offer unbranded players so you can add your own logo, colors, graphics;
4.  Does the video player allow bulk video uploading;
5.  Does the video player offer video analytics…tracking who watches, how long, etc.

Most business people will use the free YouTube Video Channel.  That’s fine, but it is not customizable for any business, much less if you really want to incorporate video into your Internet marketing plans.  For this discussion, we will not be recommending YouTube as your primary video platform.

Charlotte video production and video playback technology from LEC Media.Next, compare costs and subscription terms for each online video platform.  Most video platform companies offer a monthly plan, priced anywhere from $9.95 to $1,999 per month depending upon how many videos you will be hosting, how large the video files are, how much traffic and bandwidth you will consume, and some other factors.

Next, test the customer support.  Most of these video platform companies offer a free trial period.  Use this to test their customer support.  Do they respond at all?!  How long does it take to respond?  Do they want to nickel and dime you for support?

Here is a list of the more popular video platforms that we might suggest:Charlotte video production and video editing technology from LEC Media.

Brightcove, Vmix, Kaltura, Fliqz, and Limelight Networks.  These are just a couple of online video platforms!  There are many out there competing because video is emerging as the ultimate prize in marketing to existing customers and growing a business with new customers.

If your business would like to learn more about business video production and the technology behind making video work for your business, please call Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email  We look forward to helping your business benefit from corporate and video business production and video technologies on the Internet!