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July 10 | In Categories: Business Video Production., In Tags: charlotte business video, Charlotte Video Production, communication, corporate video production, and marketing video.


Complicated processes and products can be difficult to explain to an audience that is not live. Oftentimes, text is either too complex to understand or too lengthy to fully convey a concept. Images alone can’t always clarify every feature either.  In order to convey information in a more effective way, businesses are turning to video.

A perfect example of this is a video we created for Transworld Med Corporation.  Previously, Transworld had been using a lengthy Power Point presentation to illustrate the benefits of their Sidekick medical device.  The Power Point was fine, but the complex medical terminology and limited graphics didn’t fully convey the benefits of this product.  A brief 3-D Motion Graphics video not only enhanced clarity  for its intended audience, but it also raised several million dollars for the research and development of this device.

Here are some things to remember when you are communicating the complicated

Offer Multiple Mediums

While we know video is our favorite way to learn something, consider your whole audience when communicating complicated concepts and procedures.  Video is a great tool to use in tandem with printed materials, including blog posts and white papers.  Electrolux is one client that uses video to work in conjunction with their printed user manuals.  The assembly videos are effective when it comes to communicating complicated features of their products and ensuring consumers are properly assembling their products at home.


Create a Repeatable Process

A video can be a very useful tool when you are unable to transport your product or explain a certain process to sales meetings due to its size or complexity. Chiron America has a Wheel Cell that is used for high speed wheel manufacturing.  This is a large, cumbersome set-up that is not easily accessible to potential customers.  The creation of our Chiron America marketing video allowed the Chiron sales team to illustrate the benefits of their machines to customers in the exact same way every time.  This video helped shorten their sales cycle and increase their business significantly. Chiron can easily repeat this video model with other products, and compose voice overs that will explain similar components of their manufacturing business.

Inspire your learners to become doers

To avoid making dry informational videos, keep the “Big Picture” in mind, and try your best to form a connection with your viewers. On a larger scale, what are you helping them achieve? How will this information change their work or their lives? Aim to inspire, whether it’s through some upbeat background music, an encouraging call to action, or even a friendly tone of voice in a screencast. Our tagline at LEC Media is “Create Understanding”  and we feel like that is a focal point of all our work, even if we are dealing with complicated and at times very technical subject matter, we try to bring out the human element in each project.

If we can help you unravel a complicated story, let us know.  We’d love to help!