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April 12 | In Categories: Business Video Production, Charlotte Corporate Video Production, Charlotte Video Production, and Video SEO., In Tags: charlotte business video production, charlotte corporate video production, charlotte video company, and Charlotte Video Production.

Charlotte corporate video production from LEC Media.Charlotte video production for our clients at LEC Media means tackling all types of video shooting assignments and stories.  Yes, we’ve been in corporate boardrooms for the corporate video production.  Yes, we’ve been suspended above a USAirways jet wing for a deicing video project.  Yes, we’ve been inside many banks for video training and video trade show projects.  Yes, we’ve gone inside the human heart, well, only through our animation and 3D projects.  But we had never been in front of a speeding go kart on purpose.  Until now.

One of our clients, Frankie’s Fun Park, recently hired LEC Media to spend an entire day Charlotte corporate and business video production from LEC Media.capturing the unique fun, spirit and family atmosphere that is definitely Frankie’s!  We will be producing several marketing and company overview video production pieces that Frankie’s will use to market their Fun Parks in Columbia, SC, Greenville, SC, North Charleston, SC and Raleigh, NC.

During the video shoot, we used our cameras in a variety of “exposed” positions to capture the sounds, feeling and magic that is uniquely a part of the Frankie’s Fun Park experience.  That included being suspended 30 feet in the air to record complete park section overviews. (No, we’re not afraid of heights!)  We also positioned our cameras in the middle of their professional Go Kart racing track and waited for drivers to come within inches of us while we braved the risks to capture the best footage!

Charlotte video production corporate and business video from LEC Media.“When we are working with our clients and really capturing video to tell their complete story, we enjoy deploying creative video shooting techniques,” said Frank Schwartz of LEC Media.  “One of our ideas was to mount some of our small HD cameras onto the Go Karts to capture the experience of the driver from their vantage point.  The result is some amazing footage to help tell the Go Kart part of the story!”

If your business would like to use video to help present your company’s unique line of products and services, please call Frank Schwartz at LEC Media at 704-966-9474 or email  We will use our video creativity to capture and produce unique corporate video productions about your business story!