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March 17 | In Categories: Business Video Production, Charlotte Corporate Video Production, and Charlotte Video Production., In Tags: charlotte business video, charlotte corporate video production, and charlotte HD video production.

Charlotte corporate video production with HD technology from LEC MediaYou know how exciting it is to buy a new car or a new TV for your home?  We get just as excited when we expand our equipment that we use in the field for corporate video production.  OK, I’ll stop teasing.

We just made a new purchase of the coolest HD all-digital field camera…and we love it so we wanted to share it with you!

It’s the new technology from Sony…the EX1.  You might be thinking to yourself, “Now why would I care that you purchased a new camera?”  Well let me tell you what this new camera will do for your next corporate video shoot.

1. It’s true full HD, meaning 1080p with full HD output capabilities (versus HDV or theCharlotte corporate video production in True HD from LEC Media. “HD” that a consumer HD camera would shoot) No, you can’t get a true HD picture out of your Flip-Cam. I don’t care what the kid at Best Buy told you! Those are single 1/8″ chips in most consumer cameras. We have three 1/2″ chips which are suitable for large projection and broadcast TV. Three chips means each color (RGB) has it’s own chip to process on.

2.It shoots true, native 24p (not faked) frame rate for that film-look that is so desirable to raise the value and appearance of your corporate video production.

Charlotte corporate video production with pure HD technology from LEC Media.3. It’s tapeless. That means that transfer of footage is nearly instant instead of old tapes which transfer in real-time (spend an hour shooting, spend at least an hour getting it in the computer). This means less time spent in post production editing, which means less cost for your videos because of our new built-in efficiencies.

We know that you’re itching to give this Sony a test drive!  LEC Media produces business-only video stories.  Call us at 704-606-9071 or email to learn how Charlotte corporate video production can help your business grow!

P.S. – We’ll bring the new Sony with us for your next corporate video production shoot!