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March 28 | In Categories: Business Video Production, Charlotte Client Testimonial Videos, and Charlotte Corporate Video Production., In Tags: charlotte client testimonial videos, charlotte customer testimonial videos, and charlotte testimonial video.

Charlotte client testimonial video production from LEC Media.Of all the various types of Charlotte corporate video productions, by far one of the most effective ones is the client testimonial video.  Why?  The client testimonial video is the one video that can really give your company products and services authentic references and higher levels of validation that marketing cannot buy.

We like to say, “If your business is only going to produce one video this year, make it a client testimonial video.”  It’s not just about recommendations and endorsements. Customers can talk on video about installations, or how it feels to own the product or service, or how their staff have adapted, or the quality of the service itself.

We are working with two new clients right now, Guilford College in Greensboro and Charlotte client testimonial video from LEC Media.Technology Partners, Inc. in Charlotte.  We are helping Guilford College produce Alumni video testimonials that will be delivered through their monthly eNewsletter, blending eMarketing and video technology to grow their Alumni participation.

With Technology Partners, Inc., we are producing a series of client testimonial videos to support their IMAGINE Software, a leading software development firm focused on designing comprehensive and fully automated Medical Billing and Practice Management applications.

Charlotte client testimonial video from LEC Media.Both LEC Media clients will soon be benefiting from their own client testimonial videos.  We coordinate all of the details for client testimonial videos, including recording the videos at the customer’s location and professionally coaching them to honestly and openly talk about your products and services.

If you would like more information about our Charlotte client testimonial video plans, please call Frank Schwartz at 704-966-9474 or email  We look forward to helping your company grow through the use of really good, professional client testimonial videos!