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June 4 | In Categories: Business Video Production.


Last week, we had the good fortune to be attendees at the BMA Be More Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

The BMA Be More Conference in beautiful Chicago!

The BMA Be More Conference in beautiful Chicago!

The Business Marketing Association is very active in our Charlotte market, and we are excited to be volunteering on the Executive Board next year, along with many other accomplished marketers and business owners in the Carolinas.

This 3 day conference was jam-packed with incredible speakers and nearly 1000 marketers from across the country attended, which led to great networking and sharing of ideas.  Here are our top three takeaways from this event.

1. Know Your Audience

Jim Lecinski , Vice President of US Sales and Service for Google was quick to point out that Millennials are the emerging audience of the B2B marketing world.  In fact, 46% of all B2B buying decisions are now being made by people in the 18-34 year old age range.  Where once the common thought was that C-Suite employees were still the major decision makers in B2B corporations, we are now seeing that 81% of all non-C Suite employees are influencing the buying decisions of their companies.  These younger employees are accessing information in a much different way than previous generations as well. So while your direct emailing campaigns and newsletters may have been the best investment for your marketing budget in the past, things are very quickly moving to mobile platforms- which brings us to our next key takeaway…

2. Be Mobile

Once you’ve identified your audience, the next trick is to be where they are.  And for many consumers, the answer is mobile. The number of B2B related searches on mobile has increased 300% in the last 2 years, with more than 42% of all searches taking place on a mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing out to your competitors

Also think about other mobile platforms where your company’s presence should be felt.  Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Increasing your brand awareness on these platforms will definitely enhance your buyer’s experience with your brand.

3. You Need Video

We know, this sounds like a sales pitch.  Of course the video guys are going to tell you that you need a video.  But the truth of the matter is, you need a video. 70% of all consumers n the B2B Marketplace are using video as a primary research tool in making buying decisions. And if they’re not finding your video, they’re finding your competitor’s video.  It’s that simple.

The overwhelming majority of presenters at the BMA15 Conference uttered the words “roll the video” during their presentations.  That is because it is the absolute best way to tell an emotional story.  Andrew Davis quoted Dr. Donald Calne in his presentation by saying “Emotion leads to action. Reason leads to conclusions”.  If you want your audience to react to your brand, to lead them to buy, then video is the absolute best way to do that.  When you become a storyteller and think like an entertainment executive, you will end up with a video that should do three things according to Andrew Davis: 1. Build suspense, 2. Foster aspiration, and 3. Harness emotion.

If you’re ready to up your marketing game, give us a shout.